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  • Unlimited Ad Trackers. Track as many url's to see what campaings make money as you need!

  • Rotate Unlimited Url's In Your Rotator. List as many as you want. See how your campaigns are doing! See instantly where you are making money... Which salesletter is performing better generating more profits? Know that, and more at a blink of the eye. Add campaigns and links, delete, relist whenever you want. You're in charge!

  • Unlimited Banner Managers. List and track as many different banners as you want, and track their Impressions, How many clicks to them. And Clickthroughs, to see how profitable they are... Add whatever banner you need. Change, Delete, Add and re-add as often and many times as you need.

  • Promote ANY* website of Your choice through exit pop-up on Your main page. (Hint: Why not put your URL Rotator link in the Exit Pop-Up, and promote any program you want that way...? You can change it whenever you want. As often as you want!)

  • Easy centralized, one place for a nice overview on how your promotions are doing... Track whatever you want. Put whatever in there, as long as legal...

  • Ohh! And while I still have it fresh in mind... As a PRO member your Pop-up's will show at all your sponsored members websites. Meaning, anyone who signed up to this service from your links, who has not upgraded to PRO themselves, will be marketing YOUR links every time someone visits THEIR websites. That can be a lot of EXTRA FREE promotion, and potentially some extra Cash, simply for referring some people other over here!

  • The way this works, is that each and every time you send someone to this website (using your personal links from your membership area) - that visitor is tagged especially with YOUR codes It may not be visible, but rest assured! That is taken care of by the technology.

    In essence, that means that each and every link that visitor you brough will click at this website, is tagged with your codes, meaning that as long as you have filled in your affiliate codes inside your members area - if that visitor buys, you will be credited for that purchase... Thus, you could be generating cash all day long on autopilot, simply sending over some traffic and visitors...

    Oh.. And by the way... When someone you sent buy some of the products from your links, you will get credit no matter if they signed up here or not! That has nothing to do with it. What is important, is that you sent the visitor, and when they click, and buy from one of your affiliatelinks, that is as if you promoted that affiliate link directly.

    As long as you signed up for the programs listed, and use the affiliatelinks, as you get them in your members area - The system takes care of everything for you, so you don't have to think about that. You just promote and send over some traffic and get paid from the different program owners accordingly!

  • But of course... You're not limited to that... You can also enter whatever program, promoting your own tracking codes, and instantly see how your traffic, promotions and sales converts into fresh, crisp cash...

    You decide... You can even track as many banners as you want!

    Keep track of your campaigns to see which is more profitable. Keep track of which ad makes you more money... See banner impression, clickthroughs and more instantly! All this and more for only $5 a month. You can even combine all these techniques.

    Don't miss out! With your PRO membership you gett FULL treatment and you can track and rotate as many links, offers, affiliateprograms, mlm opportunities and websites and so on, as you want! So what are you waiting for...

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