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1. QuitSmokingRightNow
Quit smoking right now without patches, pills or gums, and without gaining any extra weight - guaranteed.

2. Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Alternatives
Recovery alternatives to alcohol and drug addiction.

3. How To Tap The Incredible Secret Powers
How to lose weight easily weight loss how to stop smoking how to improve your health cure cancer improve your memory.

4. Stop Smoking Once And For All
Learn The Secrets of How a Lifelong Smoker Was Able to Stop Smoking Once and for All - Great Converter.

5. Ken Mathies EbizStore
Kens eBizStore. eBook topics, Health & Fittness, Addiction, Personal Developement, Self Help. Relationships.

6. The Easy Way To Quit Smoking
Top Specialist reveals secrets for the first time on the net.

7. Quit Joking & Stop Smoking: I'Ve Quit
Best stop smoking program avaliable today! Audio CD.

8. QuitSmoking4Good.com
No Time For Smoking! Throw Away Your Cigarettes One Hour at a Time!

9. Smarter Health Digital Products
Instant Quit Smoking Method(tm) various health and well being eBooks, and other products.

10. Powerfully Recovered!
Discover How to Become Powerfully Recovered!

11. Na Bartender
Bartending Resource for Non-Alcoholic Drink Tips and Recipes.

12. Quit Smoking.Now
Quit Smoking, No Pills, Potions or NRT's. It's Easy, Painlesss and It Works.

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